Navy League Cadets

Navy League Cadets is a program for all youth ages 9 to 12. Boating, sports, and music are just some of the fun activities Cadets get to participate in and enjoy in an environment that emphasizes citizenship, teamwork, and friendships. This is a great place to make friends and do things you wouldn’t get to do anywhere else.

Throughout the year Cadets will participate in community events, rehearse drill exercises, learn about and practice seamanship skills, interact with veterans, study about our country’s history as well as the values and responsibilities associated with citizenship, and most importantly get out on the water and learn how to sail.

We meet most Fridays, as well as optional extra-curricular, dry-land, and activities such as band, first-aid, precision marching drills, pellet rifle range and on-water training some Sundays. On occasion we also host on-boards (overnight field trips) throughout the year, some of which involve travel to other locations. 

Navy League Cadets is part of a national program with more than 3,000 cadets in over 100 communities across Canada.  For more information on the national Navy League Cadets program, visit the Navy League Cadets website.