Sea Cadets

The Royal Canadian Sea Cadet program is a youth program delivered by the Department of National Defence, in partnership with the Navy League of Canada. The Sea Cadet program is open to youth between the ages of 12 and 18.

Sea Cadets learn valuable skills that help with their transition to adulthood. They come out of the program as self-aware, self-sufficient leaders with an invested interest in their communities and the skills to actively contribute to society in meaningful ways. Throughout their training, Sea Cadets learn about teamwork, problem-solving, and effective communication, and participate in activities to improve their communities, all through the lens of a maritime focus.

Truly unique to the Cadet Program is that it offers experiences you cannot get anywhere else! The Cadet Program stimulates an interest in the Sea, Army and Air activities of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). To this end, we offer dynamic training in a supportive and efficient environment where change is a positive and essential element.

We meet most Wednesdays, as well as optional extra-curricular, dry-land, and on-water training on Mondays. During the summer, Cadets have the opportunity to apply to attend DND-operated Summer Training Centre (camp) from two to eight weeks long each summer.  Not only are summer camps free to attend, but cadets may be provided a training bonus for learning new skills they can apply to their home unit upon return.

Sea Cadets is part of a national program with more than 8,000 cadets in over 200 communities across Canada.  For more information on the national Navy League Cadets program, visit the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets website.

Disclaimer: This website is intended for use by the cadets and parents of the Captain Vancouver Corp, and prospective cadets and their parents, staff and Local Committee. The objective is to provide basic information about the function of the corps/squadron and to inform cadets, parents and the local community about the Cadet Program and various events that will be taking place.